Convert Records and Cassettes to MP3 or CD

Once upon a time the vinly record and cassette tape were the dominant music format. For independent musicians of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, cassette tapes offered the first affordable medium for both recording and distributing music, although some independent musicians released vinyl records. Additionally, due to the unique sounds that a record in good shape can produce, a lot of people have held onto their vinyl collections and still play them. Many older, rare LPs were never released on CD, so the only way to still listen to them is to play them on a yurntable.

Now you can have your your favorite records and cassettes converted to CD or MP3. LPs and cassettes have to be transferred in real time, and once converted, you can figure about a half an hour to an hour for editing/post production. This includes such things as clean up damaged audio; removing hiss, clicks and pops; normalizing the volume; split the converted audio into tracks; add metadata including album and track information.

NOTE: when converting commercial LPs and cassettes, you will be required to certify in writing that they belong to you, and that they will not be sold or given away to to anyone else unless you are also selling/giving the LPs or cassettes at the same time.

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