Convert Videotapes to DVD or Digital

With small plastic moving parts, videotapes are the most fragile home movie format that exits. Too much heat, dust, cold or humidity can render them useless. Let me digitize your videotapes to the latest digital formats for you to share with friends and family for generations to come. I can convert VHS, VHS-C, BETA, Digital 8 and Video 8, Mini DV, 8mm and 16mm movies to DVD, or to digital formats, including MPEG-2 (MPG), MPEG-4 (MP4), MOV, H.264/HEVC, MPEG, and WMV.

A note about recording speeds:
Many tape formats have different recording speeds that decrease the quality of the recording and increase the recording time. For example the VHS format has an EP setting that triples the recording time. If used, this makes a 2 hour VHS tape last for 6 hours and a 30 minute VHS-C tape last for 90 minutes.

What my clients say

"You're the best in the Biz! Thanks." - Mostly Moose and More