Ely MN and Iron Range Computer Recycling

Ely MN and Iron Range Computer Recycling

Custom software allows you to focus on your business, because it's tailored to your specific requirements. It can be modified to change as your business evolves. It can be adapted to whatever level your users are comfortable with, whether technically savvy or computer neophytes. Most importantly, custom software allows you to be more productive by taking the busy work out of your hands, so you can concentrate on what's important to your business, whether it's serving your customers or identifying new markets. It takes you where you want to go. And if a process is done by hand and repeated on a regular basis, then it's a good candidate for automation. I hav extensive experience with the following languages:

VBA Programming

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, and is an event-driven programming language from Microsoft predominantly used with Microsoft office applications including Word, Excel, and Access. The great power of VBA programming is that nearly every operation that you can perform with a mouse, keyboard, or a dialog box can also be done by using VBA. If it can be done once with VBA, it can be done just as easily a hundred times, so the automation of repetitive tasks is one of the most common uses of VBA.

Beyond being used to simplifying every-day tasks, VBA can be used to add new functionality to Office applications, or to prompt and interact with document users in ways that are specific to your business needs. For example, VBA code could be written that displays a pop up message that reminds users to save a document to a particular network drive the first time they try to save it. You can also build full applications using just VBA and one or more Microsoft Office programs.

PHP & MySQL Programming

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. MySQL is the most popular Open Source Relational SQL Database Management System. Together they poswer a large pat of the internet. The use of a database-enabled web site is becoming increasingly common, and PHP and MySQL are powerful tools for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. WordPress, one of the most popular content management sytems for the web, is written in large part using PHP and MySQL, and can be extended to provide additional features using them as well.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language, and programs and routines written in it are found on websites, servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and more. Javascript can be used to enhance your website in numerous ways. For example, display a nice thank you message to a user who has just submitted a comment form, show or hide specific page elements based on what your visitor is doing, detect what features the browser a visitor to your website does or does not support, create slideshows and menus, validate form data before the form is submitted, and allow your website communicate with the browser and watch for events: clicks, double clicks, mouse enters, mouse exits, key presses, browser window sizing, and more.

If you have a project or website you think could be improved with custom programming, contact me today to discuss your needs.