Ely MN and Iron Range Web Design

More and more, people are expecting savvy businesses to be on line. Everywhere you look advertisements include a web address. Customers ask: "Where's your website?" Web presence alone is often a consideration on whether or not a potential customer will choose your business.

Today a website is the best way to contact potential customers and clients, to provide information to a worldwide audience and to build a database of potentially lucrative contacts. I provide web design services to businesses in Ely, MN, Babbit, MN and anywhere on the Iron Range of Minnesota.

A strong web presence can eliminate many print campaign costs. Even on the most rigorous web campaigns using pay-per-click and paid links, the advertising cost per customer is far, far less by comparison. Your website is the one piece of marketing material that's easy to change at minimal expense. If you have a special event coming up, you want to include more information on a certain service, or are running a sale, simply make the change. Almost instantly your information is fresh and visible minus the costs of re-printing brochures or other print material.

Even if you just do busines locally, a website can help your business. Vistors to your town and tourists often look at the local Chamber of Commerce for help in finding services. You can submit your site or business listing details to sites like that. In addition, if you produce work with a visual impact: sculpture, interior designs, photographs, paintings, you want to show potential customers what you can do. As a musician, you want people to hear the results of your creativity. As a writer, you want to show potential customers samples of work you've done for others. Being a local business doesn't changes these needs.

More people today research a company or product online before making phone or face-to-face contact. Today people expect to find a website for a company with at least further information on services or products. Your site can show much more information than a print ad or brochure. The more information you provide, the more likely a potential client will be to buy from you as they can see everything they need to know.

Your website works 24 hours a day and can be as thorough and in-depth as you desire. The Internet is one of the most cost effective methods of advertising available and with increased interactivity, your website becomes an important new tool for interacting with customers, clients and others with interest (here's even more reasons to consider a website as part of your business strategy).

Design to Specification
If you know what you want, discuss it with me - free of charge - and I will prepare an estimate of the work needed and the costs involved for your approval.

Design to Budget
If you know what your budget is but don't know what you can get for it, talk it over with me - it's free - and I'll prepare a proposal for the best web design consistent with your budget and needs.

Design to an Idea
Perhaps you need to discuss with a professional what a website can do for you. Perhaps you've thought of a product or service that you'd like to offer over the Internet. I'll help you understand the potential and the requirements for your business or your idea. Maybe I'll recommend an approach you haven't thought of or we might even discourage you, but in any case asking me is free.

Your online business success is important. That's why I take the time to get to know your business. I also check out what your competition is doing, to help you put together a website with a marketing message that will set your business apart! Contact me and learn how you can have a professional looking website that works and save money at the same time!

I also provide quality hosting to customers in Ely, MN, anywhere on the Iron Range of Minnesota, across the country, and across the world.

  • Site planning/design
  • Page layout and design for standard web pages using XHTML page-coding
  • Advanced page coding (SHTML, DHTML, rollovers, image-maps, special effects)
  • Search engine optimization and marketing services
  • Custom script coding (CGI, Perl, JavaScript, PHP)
  • Code validation of existing websites
  • Graphics optimization to make pages with graphics load faster
  • Browser compatibility testing and assurance
  • Ordinary site maintenance/management
  • Installation and setup of third-party CGI for forms
  • Mail aliases/remailers/auto-responders
  • Internet resources searches (for scripts, images, clip-art, etc.)
  • Image scanning and document OCR
  • E-commerce planning and development with on-line credit card transaction setup

What my clients say

"You're the best in the Biz! Thanks." - Mostly Moose and More